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Flea Removal and Eradication

As part of our carpet cleaning service we offer flea eradication. This blog post highlights a simple process you can use yourself, however, it will not be as effective as using our specialist equipment. Fleas are tiny parasites that can cause health problems and spread quickly from your carpet to your pets to your bedding.What…

Stain Removal

Most homeowners in Bromley at some point find themselves staring at a carpet stain and wondering what to do. Knowing what substance made the stain in the first place helps the situation greatly as it will make a difference in the treatment. Addressing the stain immediately takes considerably less work than trying to clean up a stain…

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs give any room in your home an exotic feeling of sophistication and beauty. However, to clean rugs efficiently and safely requires different techniques and cleaning formulas than wall-to-wall carpeting. Most manufacturer’s recommend establishing a cleaning routine, which depends on the foot traffic through your home but as often as every month. Of course…

Kitchen Floor Clean in Bromley

Please see the video below for a recent example of a hard surface cleaning job in Bromley.

Steps to Carpet Cleaning Success:

Steps to Carpet Cleaning Success: When it comes to residential carpet cleaning in Bromley, many people try to save money and do it themselves. Yet they often find it costs more money and they still don’t have a truly clean carpet. If you still plan to do it yourself, following are some of the items you…