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Anerley takes its name from Anerley House, the first home built in this area nearly 200 years ago. While not technically a town, the area is well-defined and is a magnet for commuters who take advantage of the conveniently located rail station that gets them to London Bridge in about 20 minutes. The size and style of homes here varies considerably, and there are a fair amount of modern flats and condominiums as well. One thing the people who live in these places have in common is the need for effective and affordable carpet cleaning in Anerley. They get it from All Gleaming Clean.

Carpets can greatly enhance the experience of a home. Besides looking great, they also feel great underfoot in the winter, muffle sound so people can sleep better, and help you save money by retaining heat during the cold weather months. But like hardwood floors, or any other type of deluxe flooring, carpets need proper care if they are going to last. At All Gleaming Clean, we provide that care at affordable rates that might surprise you.

Why You Need Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Businesses that rent wet-vacs make it sound as if they could be operated in your sleep and always produce professional results. Unfortunately, that is just not true. Wet vacs are, by their nature, water-intensive devices. All it takes is a little too much water applied to and left on the carpet for a little too long and that carpet is ruined. It’s only then that most renters realise the fine print absolves the rental company of any liability. Don’t take that chance. Call All Gleaming Clean. We’re fully insured and will restore your carpets to a like-new state of clean quickly and safely.

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When your carpets are properly cleaned your home becomes a different place, a more hospitable place, a more hygienic place. Don’t risk ruining your carpets by trying to clean them yourself with off-the-shelf shampoos or rented wet-vacs. Instead, call the professionals at All Gleaming Clean on 01959 700205. We’ll take proper care of your carpets.

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WOW! Amazing job – couldn’t be happier with result. Friendly, punctual and professional – highly recommend. Our tired, fithy (as it turns out), weed infested patio & decking is now like new!

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Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service gives very fast drying results. This means that even if you need your carpets back in use quickly, we can do it!

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