Carpet Cleaning in Sevenoaks

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Sevenoaks

Serving Sevenoaks and beyond, All Gleaming Clean has the power to get right down to the dirt in your carpets.

Our cleaners have the relevant training and are highly skilled in carpet and upholstery cleaning in Sevenoaks. They know how to handle any type of textile flooring, whether it is a wall-to-wall carpet or an oriental rug. We work with the most advanced cleaning equipment. We use truck-mounted steam cleaning systems, the most recommended method of carpet cleaning.

Why Call on All Gleaming Cleaning for Carpet Cleaning?

Even the most advanced vacuum cleaners remove only the surface-level dirt in your carpet – none can remove the deepest dirt lurking, as well as dried stains, food debris, dust mite droppings, flakes of dead skin cells, and pollen.

In addition, even if your carpet looks spotless, the dust that settled between the fibres form an abrasive layer, shortening the lifespan of the carpet each time someone steps on it.

For professional cleaning, right down to the deepest layers of your carpet, All Gleaming Clean is the name to call.


Upholstery and Hard Surface Cleaning

Other than carpet cleaning, we also specialise in upholstery and hard surface cleaning in Sevenoaks. Our service not only brings your sofas, furnishings and hard surfaces back to life – but also ensures to significantly prolong their lifespan.

We know how to care for different types of fabrics in upholstery. We will choose the right cleaning method most appropriate for your delicate or synthetic upholstery. Our cleaning service starts with a thorough examination of the fabric, and use low moisture methods to make sure the upholstery dries quicker.

With our technology, we can also clean hard surfaces such as floors, tiles, patio decking and swimming pool. Our unique, advanced equipment uses a combination of pressurised water and vacuums deep cleans, capturing all dirt and grime.

Call us today to schedule a carpet, upholstery or hard surface cleaning in Sevenoaks.

Why Choose Us?

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When we come to do your cleaning, we’ll clean a small area and show you the results. If, for any reason you’re not happy, we’ll leave, and the cleaning is free!

Free Quote with 15% Off

We don’t charge for coming out to give you a quote. We’ll test your carpets to determine the best way to give you great results and give you a written quote that includes a 15% off introductory offer.

Fast Drying

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service gives very fast drying results,. This means that even if you need your carpets back in use quickly, we can do it!

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