Carpet Cleaning Mottingham

Carpet Cleaning Mottingham

Since 1989, All Gleaming Clean has been the leading carpet restoration service in Southeast London. We proudly serve Mottingham and the surrounding areas, providing expert carpet cleaning and more.

What’s more, we strive for 100% satisfaction with every client. We use only the best products and provide only the best solutions for cleaning dirty carpets and upholstery. As such, 80% of our jobs are based on repeat customers or referrals!

If you want to ensure that you receive the highest standard of service, we invite you to contact All Gleaming Clean today to schedule an appointment. To learn more about us, continue reading below for more information.

The Importance of Clean Carpets

Even if your carpets don’t look dirty, they are full of microbes and germs just due to walking on them. Shoes and bare feet transfer all manner of bacteria across your carpets, requiring professional cleaning to lift and remove such concerns.

Furthermore, recent studies have revealed that the coronavirus is capable of living on both carpets and wood flooring. When you entrust the cleaning specialists at All Gleaming Clean to attend to your floors, you can count on expert service that strives for optimal cleanliness.


How It Works

At All Gleaming Clean, we provide our in-depth carpet and upholstery cleaning services via a powerful truck-mounted system. And thanks to this system, we are able to penetrate your carpets down the base. Even the thickest of carpets don’t stand a chance against our service.

In doing so, we pick up and eliminate bacteria, debris, and viruses. Therefore, you can trust that you are protecting your family and pets from such concerns.

Contact the Pros at AGC Today!

If you’re ready to see what we can do for your carpets and upholstery, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, you can look forward to knowledgeable and efficient service that leaves your carpets fresh and clean.

Please call us on 01959 700205 to schedule your appointment.

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No, we also cater to commercial services.

Yes, we do not need to come to your house.

The quantity of soiling in the carpet, the length of the pile, and the temperature both inside and outside the property will all play a role.

Our employees’ ability to properly clean carpets while keeping them as dry as possible is one of their primary skills.

Because our sophisticated, efficient equipment removes a lot of moisture from your carpets, they should dry quickly. Soon after we depart, you’ll be able to use them.

Any furniture that does not require more than one person will be moved by our cleaners without hesitation. Before the cleaner arrives, please take out any little items or breakables.

Most pet odours are dealt with by the deodorizer in our cleaning solution. We use urine-specific professional cleaning equipment.

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