Carpet Cleaning Service in New Addington

Carpet Cleaning Service in New Addington

It is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned to eliminate dust mites, bacteria and other allergens that you don’t normally get to during your regular spot cleaning and vacuuming. At All Gleaming Clean, we have a highly experienced team of carpet cleaning specialists who use the latest cleaning technologies on carpets in residential and commercial properties. Whether you need to remove a stain on your carpet or eliminate fleas, our cleaning methods will make your carpet good as new.

We use truck mounted systems that are 20 times more powerful than standard portable cleaning methods. Our systems deliver deep steam cleaning and fast drying times on your carpet. With the help of our cleaning methods, all residual odours and dust mites are pumped into our truck to prevent them from circulating on your property.

The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whether the carpet you want cleaned is in a private home or an office it’s highly recommended you enlist professionals, like those of us at All Gleaming Clean, to carry out the task. First, because we are able to identify the carpet fibres quickly and accurately and determine the right, high-quality cleaning method. Second, because having an unqualified person clean the carpets could nullify any warranty. Third, because our technicians treat every aspect of your property with the utmost respect. And lastly, because we’re fully insured so in the unlikely event of a mishap, you are covered.


Don’t Overlook the Upholstery

It’s often the case that a home or business will want their carpets cleaned but won’t bother having the upholstery cleaned too. We always defer to the customer, of course, but if our years of experience have taught us anything it’s this: the same airborne pollutants that settle into the carpeting also settle into the upholstery. And the same bacteria and dust mites you’ll find in the carpeting are also in the upholstery. So, in effect, cleaning the carpets and ignoring the upholstery is really only doing half the job. Our truck-based, low-moisture method deep cleans both. Something to keep in mind.

Upholstery Cleaning Service in New Addington 

Not only do we specialise in carpet cleaning, but we also provide upholstery cleaning services. With our specialised upholstery cleaning methods, you can prolong the life of your upholstery. Similar to our carpet cleaning service, we also use a truck-mounted system that performs deep steam cleaning. We don’t need to bring any bulky equipment into your home or commercial property, since our cleaning system only uses hoses and wands. If you have upholstery on the higher levels of your building, you don’t need to bring them down, since our cleaning system has enough hosing to go up to 20 storeys.

Contact All Gleaming Clean 

When it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning in New Addington, leave it to All Gleaming Clean to get the job done. We always strive to provide the highest quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service that meets your expectations.

When we arrive at your home or commercial property, we’ll test your carpet or upholstery to find out the most appropriate cleaning method based on your specifications. After determining the best cleaning method, we’ll provide you with a written quote that includes a 15 per cent discount introductory offer.

Get in touch with us for any enquiries.

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Tom did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning our carpets. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner, I would recommend him!

First class service – delighted how my carpet looks. They got rid of the stains. It looks great.

Not the first time I have used this company and as usual I am delighted with the results. Excellent service. I would recommend.

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