Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Orpington

All Gleaming Clean is known throughout Orpington for our fast, efficient, friendly and reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We believe that we are the best at what we do. We care about being our customers, making us the ideal choice for homes looking for a professional cleaning service.

And we know we are doing something right – because customers keep coming back for more.

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Whether it is food crumbs, dust mites, allergens, a fungus or dead skin, the carpet is the perfect place for harmful pathogens and particles. This is why we do heavy-duty cleaning, making sure every area of the carpet is spotless and 100% clean.

We also offer upholstery cleaning. While our equipment is high-powered, they maintain 98% moisture, therefore not causing any major shrinkage in the upholstery.

Attention to Detail and Advanced Technology

Our thorough attention to detail and a unique, personalised approach sets us apart from other bigger cleaning companies and from part-time operators that use inferior, underpowered and budget equipment. We are different from the inexperienced, and companies with offices at the back of a car and with little or no training.

At All Gleaming Clean, all our experts are highly trained. We also embrace the latest advanced technology, including machines 20 times more powerful than the usual portable cleaning methods. Our truck-mounted units deliver quick drying times and deep steam cleaning. With only a wand and hose, we can complete the job fast and deliver unbeatable results.

Personal Touch to Cleaning

We are for households that want cleaning services with a personal touch. We believe that the best way to succeed as a business is to provide a service that is both professional and personal, giving you excellent results and satisfaction.

Whether you are suffering from stained upholstery or dull carpeting let our professionals look at it. In our years in the business, we have seen almost everything. Call us today.

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Fantastic Service

“Tom did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning our carpets. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner, I would recommend him”

Why Choose Us?

No Obligation, Free Trial

When we come to do your cleaning, we’ll clean a small area and show you the results. If, for any reason you’re not happy, we’ll leave, and the cleaning is free!

Free Quote with 15% Off

We don’t charge for coming out to give you a quote. We’ll test your carpets to determine the best way to give you great results and give you a written quote that includes a 15% off introductory offer.

Fast Drying

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service gives very fast drying results,. This means that even if you need your carpets back in use quickly, we can do it!

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