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When it comes to interior home maintenance Beckenham homeowners are often meticulous in how they care for their carpets, woodwork and other items. What sometimes gets overlooked, however, is the upholstery. It’s understandable to some degree. After all, we don’t walk on the upholstery so why should it be as dirty as the rug? Also, a good vacuuming now and then should be more than sufficient to keep the upholstery clean and hygienic. Shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, the vacuum is simply unable to remove the kind of pollutants that can burrow into the upholstery and create health and hygiene issues. So no matter how powerful the Hoover it’s simply not enough to ensure that said upholstery will get truly clean. For that, you need professional upholstery cleaning by All Gleaming Clean. We are the company home and business owners trust to restore their upholstery to a like-new level of clean.

Effective Upholstery Cleaning in Beckenham

It doesn’t make sense to clean the carpets, drapes and other elements of the decor in your Beckenham home and ignore the upholstery. Keep in mind that all the dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria and other airborne pollutants that come to rest on the carpet also come to rest on the upholstery. The vacuum may remove some of them, but over time many of these pollutants get ground into the fabric. On top of that, dust mites and other tiny organisms take up residence and burrow themselves in, again out of reach of the vacuum. The only solution is to have the upholstery professionally cleaned.

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Having clean, hygienic upholstery is every bit as important as having clean, hygienic carpeting. The good news is that All Gleaming Clean provides state of the art upholstery cleaning in Beckenham at competitive prices. We have many years of combined experience restoring tired, soiled upholstery. We understand the different fabrics, know which techniques and cleansers work best with them, and are expert at avoiding damage while removing tough stains. If you’ve had enough of sitting on dirty furniture call the pros at All Gleaming Clean on 01959 700205.

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